ABLE in Action

Playing hooky, or on the job training?
Sometimes when the cold weather catches you off guard, you have to borrow your teacher’s jacket.
Creating Grocery lists for the week and researching prices at different grocery stores(Publix, Target, Walmart).
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory means our primary students get to imagine their own chocolatey creations. Today, students put their confection skills to use. Let's just say ABLE Academy never smelled so good!
Please join us in congratulating Shayne! She is our newest Registered Behavior Technician.
Our ABLE families are the BEST! Yesterday one of our families gifted us a parachute. It just happened that yesterday was also a rainy day, which kept us from our regular playground fun. These kids don't look like they missed a moment of playground fun, do they? Timing is everything.
New year = New opportunities! Jason started his work study at Master Bait and Tackle today and he is hooked! His favorite part? Everything ????.
That Friday feeling!
“You've got a friend in me.” There is nothing better than friends helping friends! #ABLEstars #helpingfriends