Behavioral Science with Heart


“Every Child is Gifted, They Just Unwrap their Packages at Different Times.”

You’ve landed on this page either because you’ve been referred by a friend, a physician or another professional, or you are one of many engaged in the exhausting search to find the perfect match for your child’s unique needs. Look no further!

As one of our children recently said ...

“When I started coming to ABLE Academy, I knew I was home.”

And why wouldn’t he be? At ABLE Academy, Applied Behavior Analysis, the science of human behavior, couples with our compassionate and highly trained team, resulting in individualized programming for children with different learning needs.

Whether your aim is increased communication, a broadened language repertoire, social skills training, specific behavior acceleration or deceleration, or a completely customized academic skills program, welcome home. You've arrived!

Providing a wide range of individualized applied behavior analysis programming for individuals with developmental delays including down syndrome and autism, learning challenges, emotional challenges, social challenges, and all children who experience barriers to progress.