Our Mission

The ABLE Academy is a non-profit organization committed to the study of human behavior and development and its effective application to persons with identified needs. Progress is not a hope, but a guarantee resulting from the use of scientifically validated procedures for adding, decreasing or extinguishing behaviors. We at ABLE Academy believe that every person, regardless of their current level of functioning is entitled to the highest quality treatment. In line with single-subject design research, each learner’s program development and implementation is based on data specific to the learner. We hold our standards of treatment to those developed by the National Board of Behavior Analysis.

The Heart and Science of Effective Intervention

Behaviorism is the examination of human behavior using the principles of science: observation, reproduction, testing, objectivity, etc. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of this science of behavior to meet a certain end: to increase or decrease a particular behavior, to improve the quality of a behavior, to stop an old behavior or to teach a new behavior.
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